Saturday, August 16, 2008

Youtube Part 1: Starting with Youtube or How to Make Online Video Study

Hooray!!! Today I've created my new Youtube Account
Youtube can drive tons of the targeted traffic to your site and I hope to use it as a great site promotion tool (good info on this topic from

But at first I need to find out few moments:

1. How to make Youtube Video
2. How the community works
3. What are the main seo tips and tricks for Youtube - forums info

At first we will study #1 question: How To Make Youtube videos

You can use digital camera and just take your video and upload it to your Youtube account:
Ehow tips - How to make Youtube Video and the whole site dedicated to this topic - Making better video for Youtube(shooting, editing, lightning...) - so if you are interested in perfectly shoot videos - these tips are for you.

But if you are interested in picture-slide show video - you need to look for something else. so what are the tools that can help you to convert your pics to the video, add text and music?
#1. Camtasia Studio
this is a program

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