Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are Yahoo Answers Worth of Trying?

I've stumbled over Yahoo Answers thread on Digital Point Forums - and it made to think about this subject again.
I created an account on Yahoo Answers, even tried to answer the questions - but then I found in senseless and stopped.
But this thread made me to start thinking about YA again, I even answered few questions today;)

So let's see what are the benefits of Yahoo Answers:
  • You can get free traffic from the YA if your answer is the best, traffic can be really good
  • You may collect Ideas for your new posts - with personal opinions and then promote this post to the people who answered
  • You may get some kind of stats - what is buzz about
  • If you want to help someone - this is a good way to give your advice (ok, this is not about seo:)

Not bad, but what are the negative sides of YA:
  • You can be banned easily
  • You need to write savvy, smart answers - no place for dumbs:)
  • You can just waste your time - if you do not coordinate your work, so maybe it's better to write a content for your own site instead of answering onYA?
  • You cannot use an anchor text for your links
BTW, found new interesting site Mobile Answers - ChaCha, you can even earn money answering, but for the US only.

You know, till now I don't want to leave YA without attention, I think you should visit the site few times a week and answer some worthy andinteresting questions, but don't go spammy, if you have what to say - just aswer, even without link, create a good reputation and you will get response for sure.

If you have something to say or some good info to share - you are very welcome!!!

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